Community Climate Action Plan


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Ulster County is committed to tackling the climate crisis by shifting to a clean energy economy and bolstering our resilience to the impacts of climate change that are already occurring. As part of this work, the Ulster County Department of the Environment has launched an initiative to develop a countywide Community Climate Action Plan, and its success depends upon input from you.

What is a Community Climate Action Plan?

A Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) is a strategic plan that identifies actions the County government can take to support reductions in climate-damaging emissions(External link) from sources throughout our communities, including from buildings, transportation, and waste disposal, among other sources. Most of these emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels for heating and hot water, powering vehicles, and generating electricity, with a smaller percentage of emissions coming from such sources as the breakdown of food waste in landfills and leaks in pipelines and appliances. The Plan will prioritize actions by the County government to help reduce emissions from all these sources and to support residents, businesses, municipalities, and other stakeholders in making the switch to clean, energy-efficient alternatives. The benefits of climate actions must be equitable, and the County is committed to a broad and inclusive public engagement process to ensure that all voices are heard.