Stormwater Management Program and MS4


Ulster County continually revises the Stormwater Management Program to comply with the 2024 NYS MS4 Permit (GP-0-24-001)
Permit Coverage was authorized through a 2024 Notice of Intent
Current Stormwater Management Program Plan (July 2024)

For questions on the Ulster County Stormwater Management Program, please e-mail stormwater[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us


Stormwater Hotline

Phone: (845) 334-8510
E-mail: stormwater[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us

Call the County stormwater hotline if you wish to report pollution discharges such as:

  • Illicit discharges
  • Intentional dumping of trash, yard waste, used motor oil, paint, or other pollutants into a storm drain, ditch, pond, lake, or stream.
  • Sanitary sewer overflows.
  • Discharges of sediments from construction sites into storm drains or tracked onto public roadways.
  • Suspected illegal dumping sites

During non-business hours your call will be answered by an automated voicemail system so please speak as clearly as possible. State your name, address, and phone number so we may contact you if additional information is needed. The information you provide is confidential. You may remain anonymous if you wish

What is an Illicit Discharge? 

A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) is a system that collects and conveys stormwater back to the environment (surface water or groundwater) without treatment. Thus any discharge into the MS4 that contains pollutants, pathogens, or similar is directly polluting our waters and is considered an Illicit Discharge.  An Illicit Discharge refers to any direct or indirect regulated non-stormwater discharge to the County-owned MS4, except as exempted by Local Law # 18 of 2007. Illicit discharges (any non-stormwater discharge except as exempted in Section 6 of the law) contain pollutants and/or pathogens that impact surface waters. Examples of illicit discharges include sewer connections and raw sewage, dumping paint or chemicals into a storm drain, or dumping petroleum-based products into a ditch. 

Allowable Discharges

The following examples of discharges are allowable (for the full list see Section 6 in Local Law #18 of 2007):

  • water line flushing or other potable water sources
  • landscape irrigation/lawn watering
  • uncontaminated pumped groundwater
  • foundation or footing drains and uncontaminated basement sump pumped water
  • activities and uses related to emergency functions and response 

Proper Disposal of Materials and Waste

Please follow updated guidelines regarding waste disposal and handling to ensure our environment is not polluted. For guidance and resources on how to dispose of common items and materials check out Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency Resources.


Additional Information Contact

Ulster County Department of Public Works
315 Shamrock Lane
Kingston, N.Y. 12401
Phone: (845) 340-3102

Ulster County Department of the Environment
17 Pearl Street, Box 1800
Kingston, N.Y. 12401
Phone: (845) 338-7287

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