Ulster County Maps

2007 Open Space Plan Online "Map Book"
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Ulster County Parcel Viewer - you can use this interactive resource to access stormwater information for your community. LAYERS to look in include "Land Characteristics, Water Resources, Supplemental / Base Layers, and Environment"


Find Informative Maps regarding Natural Features of Ulster County:

Lower Esopus Watershed Recreation Map (1.53Mb .pdf)

Lower Esopus Watershed Topographic Map (6.13 Mb .pdf)

Lower Esopus Watershed & Sub-Watershed Map (367 Kb .pdf)

Major Watersheds of Ulster County (10 Mb .pdf)

Ulster County Working Landscapes (Agriculture) (2.75 Mb .pdf)

Protected Open Space (689 Kb .pdf)

Landforms (617 Kb .pdf)

Bedrock Geology (668 Kb .pdf)

Ecological Communities (738 Kb .pdf)

Wetlands (631 Kb .pdf)

Surface Waters (666 Kb .pdf)

Aquifers (542 Kb .pdf)

Combined Water Sources (617 Kb .pdf)